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Thermal expansion equivalent to that of metalsNew Torelina™ Series of PPS Resins Delivers Superior Dimensional Stability That Minimizes Dimensional Changes Caused by Fluctuations in Ambient Temperature

Resin is a proven alternative to metal. It can be attractive in the application where weight reduction and less post-processing is desirable. A swap can be challenging in certain instances, however, because of the differences in the materials’ thermal expansion properties. Toray proposes the use of its new TORELINA™ PPS resin, manufactured by means of a proprietary formulation technology that has the thermal expansion equivalent of aluminum or copper.


  1. Major Global Sustainability Changes in the Automotive Industry Present Opportunities for Transitioning from Metal to Resin
  2. Toray's New PPS Resin, Torelina™ A695S Series, Boasts Minimal Themal Expansion
  3. Various Physical Properties of the Torelina™ A695S Series
  4. Toray Solutions for the Projected Applications of the Torelina™ A695S Series