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Toray's Highly Durable PBT ResinTORAYCON™ 5008 Series That Meets USCAR Standard Class IV or Higher

PBT resin is used in many electrical automotive components.However, resin deteriorates and weakens in high-temperature, high-humidity environments,so there is a need to increase its durability. Toray has developed the 5008 Series. With dramatically improved hydrolysis-resistance technology,this lineup satisfies the incredibly stringent USCAR T4 (150°C) standard for durability.


  1. Increase Demand for USCAR Compliance
  2. Features of the 5008 Series (1) Retention Rate of Strength of 95% or More Under USCAR T4 conditions
  3. Features of the 5008 Series (2) Stable Moldability
  4. Applications Where USCAR T4 Compliance is Expected
  5. Summary
  6. Reference: USCAR Standards