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Getting the Most out of Galvano Scanning Laser WeldingContributing to Productivity Improvement TORAYCON™ PBT Resin 1251G-30 HL

Galvano scanning-type laser welding produces high-quality welds, and in recent years is increasingly being used to bond automotive components. Toray has developed TORAYCON™ PBT Resin 1251G-30 HL, which maintains the characteristics of PBT resin while also having a high laser transmittance, making it ideal for galvano scanning laser welding.


  1. Overview
  2. Laser Welding Is Becoming Increasingly Popular
  3. Comparison of Laser Welding Types
  4. Material Properties Required for Galvano Scanning Laser Welding
  5. High Laser-Transmittance TORAYCON™ 1251G-30 HL for Galvano Scanning Laser Welding
  6. Toray's Laser Welding Technology Development System
  7. Summary