The World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber

19-26 OctoberK2022 in Dusseldorf

Hall 6 / D 20

Contributing to the Creation of New Value and
Sustainable Future Through Technology

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TORAY’s main theme in the exhibition of K2022

New Materials for Next Mobility

The Toray Group will accelerate its presence in the mobility are by providing total solutions that employ its advanced materials, leveraging cross-disciplinary collaboration worldwide between its technology development and sales & marketing.

High Performance Materials for xEV & ADAS

Toray solutions span four essential area of mobility design and performance: Light weight, Power trains, Active Safety and Comfort. We’re working closely without auto-manufacturers to create next-generation automotive for the world of tomorrow.

Realizing for Circular Economy

At the TORAY Group, we are committed to developing products and services that help realize a sustainable society.
Contribute to initiatives including plant-based plastics, recycling-based use of resources and production.

Various Solutions with TORAY Advanced Materials

The Toray Group will accelerate in the industrial applications are by providing total solutions that employ its advanced materials.

Research and development, molding analysis, materials informatics

We can evaluate the physical properties and structural analysis of a wide range of materials, from general materials to advanced materials.
With the introduction of AI in research, we are currently developing a new field called “Materials Informatics,” which uses AI to predict the physical properties of new materials under development.

Detailed Information

We have prepared detailed information about the items on display at our K2022 booth, which are available for downloading here.