PBT for Extrusion Molding

Toray has created polymers with various levels of melt viscosity, solidification characteristics and flexibility, developed with a focus on injection molding applications.
By capitalizing on the properties of these polymers and honing them with our proprietary polymerization technology, we have created the following grades for different extrusion molding methods.
The figure below shows our range of polymers by their viscosity and solidification characteristics.



  • PBT film is mainly used in industrial and food packaging applications such as FPC easy-release film, decorative sheet metal laminates, labels, meat packaging and water training bags.
  • While PA, PVC and PET films are generally used for the above applications, PBT film offers an excellent balance of the following:

    (1) Heat resistance

    (2) Odor sealing and chemical resistance

    (3) Flexibility and trackability

    (4) Pinhole resistance

  • By leveraging these characteristics, we are contributing to developing new customer products for other applications in addition to those mentioned above.

2.Bottles, Tubes, Irregularly Shaped Products, Cylindrical Rods

  • The resin materials used in extrusion molding (e.g. blow molding, tube molding, profile extrusion) are mainly PE, PET and PA.
    Compared to these materials, PBT solidifies faster, so it has not usually been used in extrusion molding applications.
  • On the other hand, when compared to materials such as PE, PET and PA, or glass materials commonly used for bottles, PBT’s characteristic strength when dropped, chemical resistance, and odor sealing give it the potential to solve problems faced by currently used materials. For that reason, we are now developing a type of PBT with controlled solidification characteristics ideal for extrusion molding applications.
    Comparison of features of PBT and conventional materials used in extrusion PBT molded product samples

Material comparison for extrusion molding

Material Characteristics
Drop Strength Chemical
Barrier (Oxygen)
PE Good Fair Fair
PET Fair Good Good
Glass Poor Excellent Excellent
PBT Excellent Good Good

PBT molded part samples

  • In terms of moldability, we have already confirmed its suitability for direct blow molding of 500 ml single-layer bottles.

In order to make full use of the features of TORAYCON™ PBT for extrusion molding, it is important to select the solidification and viscosity characteristics to suit the chosen production method.
Multiple grades are available for evaluation, so please feel free to inquire with your local sales representative.

Application Examples

  • FPC easy-release film
  • Decorative sheet metal laminates
  • Labels
  • Meat packaging
  • Water bags