Ⅰ. Molding conditions

  Predrying/time Cylinder temperature Mold temperature Injection pressure
ABS 90 to 100°C/3 to 6h 240 to 260°C 60 to 90°C 70 to 140 MPa
Nylon Nylon Drying is not required if the product is used immediately after unpacking.If it has been stored after unpacking, remove moisture from and dry the product at 80 to 90°C for 4 to 5 hours. 260 to 280°C(N6)
270 to 290°C(N66)
70 to 80°C 50 to 100 MPa
PBT 130°C×3h 230 to 260°C 40 to 80°C 28 to 140 MPa
PPS 130 to 150°C×3h 290 to 330°C 130 to 150°C 80 to 150 MPa

Ⅱ. Stopping the molding and changing the material

At the end of molding or when stopping the machine for an extended period, replace the material in the cylinder with high-density polyethylene or other resin. If the CFRTP is left in high temperature for a long period, the resin may break down and cause the carbon fibers to solidify, thus making it difficult to continue with the molding work.

Ⅲ. Handling precautions

  • When operating a manufacturing process using the CFRTP, exercise caution to shut out powder dust from the electrical equipment as much as possible, by maintaining positive pressures in the equipment, for example, so as to prevent the equipment from experiencing short circuiting.
  • Dispose of the CFRTP correctly as industrial waste instead of burning the resin.
  • Read the Material Safety Data Sheet for CFRTP before using the resin.

Ⅳ. Mold materials

For injection molding tool using the CFRTP, the use of a steel material that has both abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance is recommended. Particularly at the gate and at the flow end, the mold will get damaged easily. Carefully select the steel to be used, and note whether it has been quenched. You are also advised to take appropriate measures, such as adopting a nesting system so that replacement is possible.

Steel material Strength Abrasion resistance Corrosion resistance Processability Surface finishing
SKD11 A to B A B B to C B
SKD61 B A to B B A A to B
SUS420 B A to B A to B A to B A
SUS630 B to C B to C A C to D B
SCM440 C to D B to C C B B
S55C D D D A D

A: Excellent ⇔ D:Poor