Nylon Resin with NANOALLOY™ Technology


A Nylon Resin That Is Both Strong and Flexible, Enabling It to Flexibly Change Shape like Rubber When Impact Is Applied

An ultra-impact-resistant nylon resin grade made using our NANOALLOY™ technology. Offers increased long-term durability and safety thanks to flexibility to deal with high-speed impacts, as well as improved impact absorption and resilience.


S133 is a PA/elastomer alloy grade with contrasting characteristics of being tough yet soft. Thanks to our NANOALLOY™ technology, it displays the strong and rigid qualities of plastic during normal use, but has the capacity to change shape like rubber when hit with high-speed impacts such as collisions, making it highly impact-absorbent. Through fine nano-order elastomer dispersion, we have made it more resilient, flexible and absorbent against high-speed impacts.

1.Polymer Dispersion

Observation of nylon resin with NANOALLOY™ technology through a transmission electron microscope.
Toray has successfully created a structure that includes a large number of nanomicelles, nanometer-sized particles with properties of the respective resins.


(1)Absorbs impact by changing shape
 Typical engineering plastics can easily break when high-speed impact is applied.
Even when hit with high-speed impact, S133 changes shape with rubber-like flexibility and so does not break, which means molded products can absorb collision energy by changing their shape.

(2)Repetitive Flexural Fatigue Properties
 Typical engineering plastics have poor repetitive fatigue properties compared to rubber, and are more susceptible to whitening, cracking, and breaking. S133 has flexural fatigue properties equal to or greater than that of rubber, which helps to improve the long-term durability of products.

Comparison with Other Resins (A = 20)

Material Repetitions Until Breakag
NANOALLOY™ S133 No breakage after 107 times
High-impact nylon 103 times
Nylon 6 103 times
PP 104 times

Comparison with Elastomers (A = 30)

Material Repetitions Until Breakag
NANOALLOY™ S133 No breakage after 106 times
Polyamide elastomer 105 times
Polyester elastomer 105 times

Application Examples

  • Sporting equipment
  • Protective gear and protective products
  • LAN cable latches
  • Transportation cases
  • Building materials packaging
  • Railroad components

TORAY’s Development Support

TORAY analyzes impact resistance and offers product design support through CAE analysis. With the information on material properties and hundreds of existing CAE analysis results that we have, we can contribute to the design process of our customers’ resin-based products.