SIVERAS™ Liquid crystal polyester resin

SIVERAS™ Liquid crystal polyester resin is a super engineering plastic that was developed on the basis of Toray’s advanced technology for polyester resin production.

It offers the following properties that are not found in standard engineering plastics:
1.High strength and high modulus
2.High heat resistance
3.Dimensional stability
4.Good molding properties
5.Good vibration absorption properties
A special feature of SIVERAS™ is its superiority to conventional liquid crystal polymers in terms of molding properties (fluidity, stability in retention).


■High strength, high modulus

SIVERAS™ offers superior strength and high modulus. Molded products feature a highly oriented in molecular chain, the thinner the molded products. This further improves strength and elastic modulus.

■Heat resistance

The heat deflection temperature is 250°C or higher.
Offering outstanding soldering heat resistance, it can be used stably for electronic parts for SMT.

■Dimensional stability

No change in dimensions due to moisture absorption.
The linear expansion rate in direction of flow is comparable to values for metal.

■Molding properties

SIVERAS™ offers outstanding fusion fluidity for molding of thin walled products.
SIVERAS™ can be molded at low pressure and offers fast crystallizing speeds to eliminate formation of flash.
Can be molded at mold temperatures of 100°C degrees or less, as is true for PBT resins.
The stability in retention during molding is on a par with conventional liquid crystal polymers.

■Vibration absorption

SIVERAS™ offers outstanding vibration absorption regardless of high elastic modulus.

■Flame retardant

SIVERAS™ LX70G35 conforms to UL94V-0 for thin walled parts with a thickness of 0.15 mm.

Featured grades

LCP for Solid Substrate Applications for MIDs

Through Toray’s proprietary compound technology, we have developed an LCP material well suited to the highly flexible MID method, making it possible to add a selective plated layer to the surface of molded resin products (LDS).

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