LCP for Solid Substrate Applications for MIDs

The market for LDS (Laser Direct Structuring), a MID (Molded Interconnect Device) method, is expected to expand in line with the increasing number of communications devices, and an increasing number of antennas installed for multi-frequency communications.
Through Toray’s proprietary compound technology, we have developed an LCP material well suited to the highly flexible MID method, making it possible to add a selective plated layer to the surface of molded resin products (LDS).


LDS is a method of MID molding, offering the following benefits:
(1) Patterns can be easily refined or modified
(2) Enables the routing of small wires on metal-plated surfaces
(3) Enables vertical through-holes
(4) Simplified process using only laser processing

The LDS process

Our LDS LCP material leverages LCP’s high fluidity, high heat resistance and low linear expansion, making it ideal for circuit formation on the surfaces of small electronic components.
High fluidity => Compact, thin-wall molding
High heat resistance => Surface mounting
Low linear expansion => Plating adhesion through dimensional stability