Highly Impact-Resistant Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRTP)~Hybrid Toray Long-Fiber Pellets (H-TLP)~

Hybrid Toray long-fiber pellets (H-TLP) are a type of carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) mainly for injection molding that maintains the high strength and high rigidity of carbon fiber while also improving impact resistance through a combination (hybridization) of carbon fibers and flexible heterogeneous fibers.


1.Toray Long carbon-fiber-reinforced Pellets (TLP)

In general, the impact resistance of carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic is dependent on the length of the carbon fibers, with impact resistance increasing in line with the length of the fibers. To that end, Toray has developed TLP (Toray long carbon-fiber-reinforced pellets), and has been developing materials using various resins such as ABS, PP, PA and PPS as matrices, primarily for applications that require high strength and impact resistance, such as automotive components and consumer electronics components. (Figure 1)
Due to its rigidity, carbon fiber breaks during injection molding, making it difficult to maintain sufficient fiber length in the molded product, and has limited the ability to further improve its impact resistance.

Figure 1

2.Hybrid Toray Long-Fiber Pellets (H-TLP)

H-TLP hybrid long-fiber pellets are a grade with significantly improved impact resistance through combining TLP long-fiber pellets with heterogeneous fibers that are more flexible than carbon fibers, while maintaining the high strength and high rigidity of carbon fiber reinforcement.
 Flexible heterogeneous fibers are less likely to break during injection molding, and remain in the molded product for more than twice as long as carbon fibers, allowing impact energy to be absorbed by the heterogeneous fibers pulling out or fracturing during impact. This results in the high strength and high rigidity of carbon fiber combined with the high impact absorption of heterogeneous fibers. (Figure 2)