ToraSoft SR28 Soft Foam

SR28 is a new flexible foam with improved texture and cushioning properties, making ideal for use in automotive interiors.

As the automotive industry is undergoing its largest changes in a century, CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, and Electric) is becoming an important keyword.

As progress is made in autonomous driving, the passenger compartment will start to become more and more like a living space, with a focus on flexible foams to improve passenger comfort.

While aiming to provide an improved feel using flexible foam, the design of car interior materials is becoming more complex every year, with moldability becoming more and more important.

SR28 foam combines flexibility and moldability, designed using the Toray Group’s own proprietary formulation and processing technologies.


1. Unprecedented flexibility

In the automotive industry, demand for comfort in the passenger compartment increases each year. Flexible foam is becoming a noteworthy way of meeting this growing need. SR28 foam has been developed based on the concept of providing greater flexibility and tactile comfort than ever before, contributing to the comfort of vehicle interiors by improving the feel of instrument panels, door panels, etc.

2. Flexibility meets moldability

While the need for comfort in vehicle interiors is increasing, there is also a need for moldability, as the design of interior spaces becomes more and more complex. With its increased flexibility and moldability at high temperatures, SR28 foam fully satisfies increasingly complex shape designs produced by automobile manufacturers.

3. Seamless air bag support through increased adhesion to TPO skins

There is a growing need for seamless air bags in line with new instrument panel designs focusing on improved appearance. SR28 flexible foam is designed to improve adhesion to TPO skins, thereby improving air bag deployment as well as seamless air bag design.

Characteristics comparison

Application Examples

The new SR28 flexible foam has already been widely used in instrument panels, door panels and other applications.It is also suitable for seamless airbags, which are widely used in the North American, European and Chinese automotive markets.In addition to flexible foam, we will continue to develop new foams that the needs of the market in the rapidly changing automotive industry.