PPS resin is a thermoplastic engineering plastic. Types of PPS resin include both the cross linked and linear type.

Toray engages in total production from base polymers to compounds, offering a wide variety of grades.


■Heat resistant

Outstanding long-term heat resistance properties (UL temperature index 200-240°C, UL File No. E41797).

■Dimensional stability

Minimum molding contraction rate and coefficient of linear thermal expansion with low moisture absorption means outstanding dimensional stability even at high temperature and high humidity.

■Chemical resistance

Outstanding chemical resistance on par with fluoroethylene resin.

■Mechanical properties

The resins offer high strength and high rigidity with minimum decline in characteristics at high temperatures. Outstanding anti-fatigue and anti-creep properties.

■Flame retardant

Conforms with UL94V-0 without inclusion of flame retardant agents (UL File No. E41797).

■Electrical properties

Offers outstanding electrical properties at high temperature, high humidity and high frequencies.

■Molding properties

Outstanding fluidity allows injection molding on a level with standard engineering plastics.

Featured grades

A Range of Materials with Excellent Dimensional Accuracy for Communications Equipment and Sensor Components

Communications devices and sensor components used in technologies such as 5G communication and autonomous driving require dimensional accuracy, which requires resin materials that have a low level of warpage. To that end, Toray has now developed PBT and PPS resins with reduced warpage, which is one of the challenges faced by crystalline engineering plastics.

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Thermal expansion equivalent to that of metalsNew TORELINA™ Series of PPS Resins Delivers Superior Dimensional Stability That Minimizes Dimensional Changes Caused by Fluctuations in Ambient Temperature

Resin is a proven alternative to metal. It can be attractive in the application where weight reduction and less post-processing is desirable. A swap can be challenging in certain instances, however, because of the differences in the materials’ thermal expansion properties. Toray proposes the use of its new TORELINA™ PPS resin, manufactured by means of a proprietary formulation technology that has the thermal expansion equivalent of aluminum or copper.


Achieving PPS Resin Tracking Resistance (CTI ranking 0) That Enables Miniaturizationand Space-saving in Automotive Components

Tracking resistance of insulating materials is the key to miniaturization and space -saving in electrical components important for the switch to electric vehicles.We are delighted to show you this innovative new material which is widely used in automotive electrical components. It has achieved a CTI ranking of 0 (600 V) for PPS resin, which was previously thought impossible.


Realizing metal replacements and integrations of pipingSuper-Flexible PPS with the World's Highest Level of Softness

Toray's newly developed super-flexible PPS resin features world-class flexibility, and is suitable for all molding methods. It has the potential to provide new value to customers in a variety of ways, such as by replacing metals in piping, simplifying assembly processes, reducing the number of parts via parts integration, and replacing materials such as fluororesins and thermosetting rubbers.


※In addition, there is 3D Printer Compatible - Toraymill™ PPS Powder.
 Please refer to the white paper on the Toray chemical products website

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