TOYOLAC™ ABS resin is a highly versatile thermoplastic consisting of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene and it has unique set of properties combining “strength,” “lightness,” and “aesthetics.”

TOYOLAC™ is widely used in both industrial and household goods due to its unique set of properties combining “strength,” “lightness” and “aesthetics” as well as its excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical properties, and superior processability.
Resin is available not only in the form of general-purpose grades that are highly cost-competitive, but also in the form of high-performance grades such as alloys with in-house engineering plastics, transparent and antistatic grades, and carbon fiber reinforced grades.

Toray Plastics (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad manufactures the same quality grade as Toray.

Toray Plastics (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad

Featured grades

Transparent ABS resin for Medical applicationTOYOLAC™ 950 ME1, 950 ME2

Two grades of biocompatible materials designed for use in liquid-contact medical devices other than implants. Both grades have excellent chemical resistance, moldability, and secondary processing capabilities.

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Excellent Paintable GradesTOYOLAC™ ABS and PC/ABS resin

Excellent Paintable Grade TOYOLAC™ has been developed to reduce material-induced painting defects in ABS and PC/ABS painted components.

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Highly Chemical-Resistant and Transparent ABS ResinTOYOLAC™ 950 X02

Highly chemical-resistant and transparent TOYOLAC™ ABS resin 950 X02 is a material designed and optimized to meet the requirements of materials that are required to be transparent and chemical-resistant.

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What is Toray’s electrostatic diffusive ABS resin TOYOLACPAREL™?

For 5G-related parts, battery transport trays, home appliances, etc., measures are required to preventing electronic circuit disruption due to static electric sparks. TOYOLACPAREL™ has been developed to prevent the disruption of electronic components and the adhesion of dust caused by the build-up of static charge.


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