ABS Excellent Paintable GradeABS and PC/ABS Excellent Paintable Grade TOYOLAC™

Excellent Paintable Grade TOYOLAC™ has been developed to reduce material-induced painting defects in ABS and PC/ABS painted components.


Excellent Paintable Grade

As ABS resin provides excellent secondary processing quality for painting and plating, it is widely used in automotive components that require high-quality design (e.g. rear spoilers, back door trim, front grills, door mirrors).

(1)Painting Issues
Various coating defects can occur in the painting process during actual mass-production, including coating defects such as sinking and cratering on ABS and PC/ABS components. Resolving these issues requires adding primers or processes such as sanding and annealing of molded products, which can lead to increased workload and higher costs. This produced demand for a material that could eliminate the need for such measures.
Characteristics and Causes
Cross Section


  • Painting appearance appears to be mottled
  • Thinner penetrates the resin, causing the surface of the base material to become uneven,
    and light refraction makes it look like there are different shades of painting


  • Strong orientation of molded product surface layers
Cross Section


  • Strong orientation of molded product surface layers Characteristics
  • Appearance of small bubble holes on the painted surface
  • Tends to appear on the edge of molded products depending on their shape.
  • Cracks appear in the resin base material beneath the holes


  • Chemical stress cracking caused by the thinner coming into contact with the area of residual strain
(2)Excellent Paintable Grade Characteristics

Excellent Paintable Grade TOYOLAC™ is specifically designed for painting, making use of Toray’s proprietary AS polymerization technology to increase sinking- and cratering-resistance through AS composition, molecular weight adjustment and stress-relieving design.
This material can reduce painting defect rates while eliminating the need for primers and annealing, helping reduce overall costs.

Excellent Paintable Grade Range

Type Grade Name
General 100 MPM
TM335 GM2
Heat-resistant 440Y X13
450Y AT1
460Y X01
468Y X01
PC alloy PX18 X02
Nylon alloy SX10G
PBT alloy VX05

Applications Examples

General painted components

  • Automobile exteriors
    Rear spoilers, Back door trim, Front grills, Door mirrors, etc.
  • Automobile interiors
    Switch panels, Trims, GPS panels, etc.
  • Motorcycles
    Exterior cowling